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[09 Mar 2010|12:54pm]

okay so i made a new livejournal. please add me. invite your friends.
it will be my new start i guess. i just couldnt leave lj, its nice here.

polillafea  polillafea   polillafea 
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[08 Mar 2010|10:51pm]

the corner on my block. my new hood.

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[08 Mar 2010|03:36pm]
i think i will start a new blog somewhere. i dont know what site to use or anything. but i feel like i need a new outlet. this might be one of the last posts here...

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[08 Mar 2010|12:34pm]
so much has been happening lately in small motions. things that make me want to DO SOMETHING and make things and share them and be someone and go somewhere and la la la. why am i doing what i am doing. WHAT am i doing? i should be kelsey again. or. what? wait. hi.
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[05 Mar 2010|11:52am]
Fernando says: ;) would u like to chill wit me sexy lil bby???
Fernando says: Lol jk..... Im at the police station ritw now......
kelsey says: JAJAJA. do i even want to know why?
Fernando says: Im just doin sum shit to get my driver licence....
kelsey says: woooo! becuase youre 18!!!
Fernando says: Thats riteee!!!
Fernando says: Now ill speed as shiiit in the daaamn road!!!
Fernando says: Thats rite, ill be a lil torretooo!! ;)

the reason why i love my best buddy fernando. what does that even mean? torretooo? JA.
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[04 Mar 2010|12:46pm]
i dont know what made me remember this day in school here, but:

i remember the unit in sociology where we were learning about the different indigenous tribes in ecuador. my classmates were supposed to get first hand information. learn about the odd customs and how silly it is that these people STILL carry on this way (ha ha ha, dont they know there are washers and dryers now) the teacher said, "i want you to get real. learn something. talk to these people." but my classmates were confused. locked within their electric fence mansions- they had no idea where to go. the teacher said, "i want you to go talk to your employees. talk to the your maids and your drivers. talk to the cook, the pool boy, and the night guard. i bet you've never asked."
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[04 Mar 2010|11:51am]
i just. want. my. DEBIT CARD. is that so much to ask bank of america? REALLY?
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[02 Mar 2010|06:32pm]

today i ran and did some errands with fernando which was fun! anna got a new german shepard puppy and her maid lily is OUT of her mind. i want oatmeal cream pies and poptarts (wildberry and brown sugar and cinnamon) SO SO SO fricken bad. so if you want to mail me those, thatd be amazing and i promise to send you a package back with ecuadorian junk food! ;)

Kelsey G/ Familia Correa
Kleber Franco 1406 entre Guayas y Ayacucho
Machala, El Oro, Ecuador

i dont really have much else to say. i have 3 months left here and im exited and not excited all at once. i have been singing and playing "my love" by justin timberlake on my ukulele so much lately. also, i want to eat as many mangos and dragonfruits as possible between now and the time i come home. also humitas, bolones, empanadas, tangos, and ciduelas. oh and coco helado, platacones, and chifles. the end.

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[28 Feb 2010|01:54pm]

hello, im back in the world again. the mad twisted world of machala, my lovely little pueblo filled with bullshit and parties. i was living right on the ocean with some friends and cousins. life was good. went to movies literally 5 or 6 times paying $1.50 for tickets. i am now tanner than i have ever been in my life and i never got sunburned. i pierced my nose at this hippie market for $2. went to montañita, god´s gift to earth where hippies from alll over the world roam around selling jewlery, clothes, marijuana, and ice cream. two colombian hippies gave me a dreadlock aka rasta and officially proclaimed me a "ñaña" aka "sister". life was good man. i still cant use my laptop so itll be a lil bit for the few pictures i did take, but i will just post 3 real quick for references and stuff.

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[12 Feb 2010|04:52pm]
tomorrow i am moving to the beach in some apartment for a month. so bye if i just disappear. :)
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[11 Feb 2010|10:05pm]

AMAZON PICTurse PART 2! the gooood stuff! <3 and lots of it.

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[10 Feb 2010|01:07pm]

here i am again. back in machalita. this trip to the amazon was AMAZING. literally the best experience of my life thus far, aside from the grand canyon and some things out west USA. my eyes were opened so wide. we stayed at this lodge that was in the middle of NOWHERE and did so many amazing things. right on the Napo river which is a large branch of the Amazon. we helped WORK with shovels and dig out a new pool to raise fish. we made bracelets with real indigenous workers. hiked for HOURS through pure rainforest, in the pouring rain. talked with the children who live in the middle of this jungle... 2.5 hours in canoe to the next big city. we swam miles down the river in just life jackets braving currents and piranhas! i ate piranha (eep) and HUGE GRUB WORMS! (tasted like bacon!!!!) this was just the best trip ever ever ever. i am seriously thinking about coming back to a place like that someday to volunteer and learn and live. what a better use of my time than anything else.

here is the link to the place we stayed:
just everyone go there please, please.

i decided i will do the pictures split up in entries... here are the first ones.

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[04 Feb 2010|08:56pm]

here are some quick pics of my aunt's house.... :D

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[04 Feb 2010|12:01pm]
packing up and things. tonight we will get on a bus and ride 12 hours to quito. taxi to the airport. fly an hour into the rainforest. take a boat for 2.5 hours... and arrive at yachana lodge in the AMAZON JUNGLE. well now. ill be there until wednesday. :)
cool life at this point and time.
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[03 Feb 2010|11:35am]
ive been feeling so much better mentally since this move. i was really down about it before but now i am feeling very positive. i hope this feeling will stay.
i talked with my new mami and told her a little bit about home and who i am. ive been eating pure fruit, veggies, and good things. this aunts house that i stay in is like machala rehab. its pure vintage and so calming to me. tomorrow or maybe today i will take some pictures around here.
yesterday i got thinking about who i am, and where i am. how yet again i am in another house drinking out of someone elses teacups and laying on their bed. these people that i have no blood connection with, no history, nothing- here i am and they are taking care of me. why is it so hard for me to let them?

new lj interests: 35mm, boots, campfires, cities, cocoa, cold rain, curtains, driving, earth, ecuador, español, eyeshadow, feathers, gliding, glowing, gursky, hands, jungles, lake ontario, mangos, maps, new york, oceans, pencils, piano, rivers, rooftops, sleeping bags, spiral staircases, steiglitz, sunshine, treetops, ukulele, universe, yellow.

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[02 Feb 2010|08:52pm]

:D sorry if you dont speak spanish. youre not missing much. at the end i am just messing with those drunken fools and pretending to take their pictures. :D then at the very very end talor says "that kid isnt coming with us, right?" and i ask my friend xavier and he says, "no, NO no he isnt!" hahahah.
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[02 Feb 2010|04:47pm]
what would happen if i started a new lj.. or just a new place for me to be. i dont know? i kind of want to be clean and new.
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[02 Feb 2010|10:56am]

oh my goodness i could listen to that all day. remind me to start a band when i get home. har har.
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[02 Feb 2010|08:44am]
i moved! im not feelin it just yet. la la la i have to go to my aunts house today bc i cant stay home alone while my parents work... hi, im 18. :) also no discos and no taxis.
well, bye! its off the the babysitters.
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dont read this really. [31 Jan 2010|09:24am]
note to myself:
do not abuse your body. it is a gift. it is yours. it is only yours.

after last night i will never take my body for granted again, seriously. (lie, but i want to be so much better) i just felt like the most disgusting person. i am 100% empty of everything inside of me and my stomach is so sore and tired. i just never want to go through that again. i dont know what happened or what i did, but im so scared to take those pills now. i wont. that is not good either because it just made me further believe my cuckoo theories. i hadnt been to a doctor for a "sickness" since.. i dont know when? pneumonia in 2nd grade? i never take medicines or antibiotics and that just freaked me out. medicated society. i am a hypocrite but we all are.
i dont feel perfect now but i hope its just tiredness. im drinking my "salt, sugar, lemon, water" mixture that my brother made me.. he is a doctor so hopefully this nasty stuff will help me! oh man.
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